Water Pumps
irrigation pumps

No matter what you want to use the pump for – Upfed Hydrosystems offers powerful pumps for different areas. For irrigation of your garden use one of the garden or submersible pressure pumps. They can easily deliver water from wells, natural springs or rainwater tanks. If you want to supply water for domestic use, one of our NA Pressure Tank Units or Electronic Pressure Pumps is the ideal partner. For draining of flooded cellars or for pumping water from or between containers, submersible pumps can be of help, especially if dirty water needs to be pumped.we supply the pumps to any part of Kenya.

Borehole pumps

We supply and install Multistage Centrifugal Submersible Borehole Pumps in Kenya designed for a wide range of use with a particular application to borehole supply. They are of multistage centrifugal impeller design and all parts are made from stainless steel with water lubricated rubber bearings. A submersible motor is fitted beneath the pump and suction is effected through a strainer between the pump and motor.As a result of their high efficiency and reliability they are suitable for use in domestic applications such as domestic water supply as part of a pressure supply and for irrigation, etc. .

Drainage pumps

Our drainage pumps are suitable for use with dirty water that is not chemically aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made. As a result of the design solutions that have been adopted, such as the complete cooling of the motor and the shaft with double seal, these pumps are easy to use and reliable. They are suitable for use in applications such as clearing dirty water,emptying tanks, dischargingdomestic waste water, and for emptying collection traps containing suspended solids up to a maximum of 20 mm. They are also suitable for use in applications such as for draining flooded areas such as cellars, underground car parks, car washes, for emptying cesspools and for sewage disposal.

Booster pumps

Pedrollo peripheral impeller pumps are suitable for flows from 5 to 90 litres/min and pressure ratings to 16 bar. Suitable for suction lifts up to 8 mtrs and liquid temperatures to 60 C. Extremely versatile for all small pumping applications and very competitively priced. Can be fitted to small pressure vessels or electronic pump controllers for automatic operation.

Solar Water pumps

Solar pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning engines and generators for domestic water, livestock and irrigation. They are most effective during dry and sunny seasons. They require no fuel deliveries, and very little maintenance.Solar pumps are powered by photovoltaic (solarelectric) panels and the flow rate is determined by the intensity of the sunlight.This pumps are especially suitable for the offgrid areas of Kenya.We supply and install solar water pumps in Kenya.

Hot Water pumps

The Hot Water pumps are designed to collect hot water from humidifier drain down cycles and normal condensate water from any associated air conditioning or boiler systems.
Hot Water Heavy Duty
The internal pre-wired safety float is a low current switch to stop the drain down cycle in the unlikely event of pump failure. The pump is operated via internal float switches.
Hot Water Economy
The pump unit is built of heat resistant cycoloy and operates in the same way as the Heavy Duty tank pumps .