Our Services
What We Do?
  • Borehole Servicing Open or Close

    Upfed Hydrosystems also dedicates itself in rehabilitation of boreholes that has broken down due to various enormous reasons. We have a team involved in repair, replacement and complete overhaul of borehole pumping systems. We also clean and develop boreholes that once had high yields but are currently yielding insignificant amount of water due to a number of reasons among them being clogging of screens and siltation hence renewing their capacity and performance.

    Boreholes need rehabilitation when:-
    1.they are no longer functioning;
    2.they are generally deteriorated;
    3.for periodic maintenance.
    4.Our complete borehole rehabilitation includes:
       • pump removal;
       • fishing;
       • blowing / re-boring;
       • pump testing;
       • re-installation (new or old pump);
       • Equipping;
       • Camera Inspections;

  • Pump Repairs Open or Close

    Due to the normal wear and tear of the equipment there will be need for servicing or repair and its performance and longevity after repairs will be directly related to the quality of the service or repair. We endeavor to provide complete equipment solutions to customers which will be timely and focused on getting all the associated pressures from our customers.